Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tame Your Pets at Ease Dog Training

If you have a new puppy or dog, then you need to provide some sort of basic training for your pet. You can train your dog yourself or can get it trained through an obedience instructor. As dogs are like kids, they need proper training to mould them into obedient pets.
With the required training, your dog can learn how to behave. You can be a happy owner if you have a trained dog. Dog training involves learning to communicate with a dog properly. You can train young pups within 2 to 3 weeks while for an older dog it can take about 7 to 8 weeks for training. Basic training can be started for pups when they are about 8 -12 weeks old for teaching commands and tricks.

From about 3 to 6 months, formal classes can begin. With understanding and patience, the trainer can impart efficient training to resolve the behavioral problems of dogs. For adequate training of your dog, you do not require any strong language or physical discipline. There are a number of methods for making training enjoyable for both your dog and yourself. Certain specific trainings are also available for dogs for doing tasks such as rescue dogs, guiding for the blind, hunting dogs etc. When providing training for your dog, ensure that the place is open and quiet without any distractions.

You can make the training experience an enjoyable one for both of you for ensuring that your dog stays happy, gains confidence and behaves well. The way and tone of speech is important in dog training. You need to use a friendly and happy tone for commands like 'come' and ‘heel’. Your voice can be firm and low for commands such as ' stay' and ‘Sit down'. You need to appreciate your puppy or dog by offering some toy or food when it obeys the command. After the training class, you can take a little time to play with your pup or dog and this can develop a bond between both of you during the training. You should have good endurance to train and always should avoid harsh punishment. Remember that food is important in dog training, as most dogs will love to eat. Some foods are tasty for dogs and it is also convenient for the trainer as bits of food can be kept in bag or pockets. Also note that giving food brings positive associations while training. You need to just know which food your dog likes.

Never use food for behavior control; instead food should support a behavior. Never train the dog on a full stomach. Keep the leash a bit loose when you walk with your dog because a tight leash could teach the dog to pull. Do not punish the dog after calling to you. Only one command should be given at any one time. Dogs cannot differentiate the good and bad deeds, as they know specific behavior to certain situations; therefore name a behavior to reinforce some control. Behavior will increase with reward. You can also choose online dog training if a dog trainer or dog training school is not accessible. You can enroll for some online dog training classes and know all the secrets and techniques used by professional dog trainers for activity training, behavior training and obedience training.

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