Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oranda Goldfish Information

The Oranda is a type of fancy goldfish that is distinguishable because of the hood that forms as an adult. Some may refer to them as a forked tailed or square edge tai. Eastern orandas have a deeply forked skinny lobbed tail. Orandas have lovely coloring with self-colored reds with an excellent color depth, keeping good coloration and hood growth. Breeding with these fish is a challenge for many breeders. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Few Wonderful Types of Goldfish

Goldfish are a cultivated form of a silver crucian (Carassius auratus), and it is one of the popular aquarium fishes. The first data about goldfish are received from China and relate to X-XII centuries. The length of a goldfish reaches 30 cm. The aquarium types of goldfish are usually smaller. Their body is extended, ellipse, with a sharp snout. The back of the fish is commonly red, its sides are golden, and the belly is yellowish. Fins may be red, orange or yellow. There are also kinds of goldfish that are light pink, white, yellow and even dark blue. Due to Chinese and Japanese selectors a lot of types of goldfish are received. Some of them are described below.